Rosebud not in a vase

This week marks the fourth anniversary of Cathy’s In a Vase on Monday challenge, and to celebrate this milestone, today we are all finding something that is not a vase in which to arrange our flowers. Any watertight receptacle counts as a vase in my view, but I think Cathy means objects that were not designed to be vases and I hope this inkpot falls into that category. The little rosebuds were the last buds on my ‘The Lady Gardener’ rose, which I lopped off before digging up said rose and moving it to the back garden, where I am hoping it is settling in nicely to its new home.

Thank you to Cathy for inventing and hosting this wonderful challenge, which inspires so many of us across the world to bring beautiful garden flowers into the house each week.



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  1. Oh that’s lovely against the mirror and with the fallen petals too, Joanna. These inkpots are ever so useful, aren’t they? I often have one on my kitchen windowsill with some offcut or other – and all the tables on my open garden days had inkpots with blooms in them

  2. The rose is so sweet, and your photography always lovely, as Cathy mentions above. Simply lovely!

  3. I really love this arrangement – another one for a greetings card!
    And what I can’t get over is how you seem to have so many lovely different bibelots which pop up each week and yet your photos never look cluttered. Where do you keep them all?!

  4. I have something like that – but had no idea it once held ink.

  5. These buds are very pretty and all the more precious at this time of year. I hope the plant will thrive in it’s new home.

  6. Beautifully photographed with your birdcage tealight! 🙂

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