A last hurrah from my sweetpeas, whose flowering has slowed considerably since my recent week-long absence from home as I was not able to keep picking the flowers to keep the rest coming. Having ceased in the production of flowers, the sweetpeas have now turned their attention to the doubtless entertaining past-time of bringing their obelisk and themselves crashing to the ground. My attempts to right this swaying, drunken vessel by pushing the two airborne front legs back into the ground are no longer having any effect: it just won’t stay upright at all. The impending cataclysm is currently thwarted only by a steely thicket of very tall Salvia ‘Amistad’, and a piece of brown string linking the obelisk to a nearby washing-line pole. After today’s haircut I have hopefully redressed the odds in favour of the obelisk, but with strong winds forecast the race could be anyone’s.

In a Vase on Monday is hosted by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden and I do recommend visiting her page to see her vase (full of autumn colour), as well as links to many other vases created by garden bloggers across the world today.


22 thoughts on “Peas-azz

  1. These look lovely, especially with all the foliage and tendrils. Such a cool mix of colours – did the seeds come mixed or did you choose different varieties? Good luck with the obelisk maintenance!

    1. Thanks Cathy. I buy new named varieties of Spencer sweetpeas every second year (enough in the packets to last two seasons), but this year I also grew seed I’d saved from last year’s plants, and I think these are mainly those ones.

  2. But they do look lovely spilling out of that vase! Mine are all brown at the bottom but still producing flowers at the top, though in the winds we are experiencing I’m sure they will come tumbling down shortly!

      1. I have nasturtiums at the base of mine (also self-sown) a pity they don’t try climbing up the sweet peas! Maybe next year I should encourage calendulas 🙂

      2. I’m surprised the nasturtiums haven’t climbed your sweetpeas… mine have clambered all over everything this year. It’s a wonderful idea to sow them at the base of the sweetpeas, and I will bear it in mind for next year.

  3. Oh that’s a most pretty pleasing of peasness Joanna. I think that mine are enjoying a final swansong too and that the wigwam at the allotment may well topple this week.

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