Fruits of Summer


This has to be the best time of year for filling a vase with bountiful, colourful flowers, then still having enough flowers to fill … let me count … eleven other vases (some are admittedly just bud vases). I ran out of surfaces before I ran out of flowers.

I seem to recall using this black jug for August’s colourful bounty last year. Nothing else seems to do them proper justice, and the bright flame colours of late August suit it down to the ground. It’s also been a while since Mr Pig made a cameo; he usually lives on the hearth but he was in a festival mood so I let him join in and I think he made a very fine turn, don’t you?

In the vase are a multitude of pot mariogolds, Cosmos ‘Sweet Sixteen’, Dahlia ‘Totally Tangerine’, a stem of my miracle pinks, elderberries, a bit of the enormous fuchsia in the far corner of our back green, a stem of Centaura montana and some ripening blackberries. Has anyone else noticed that the blackberries are ripe much earlier this year? I normally bank on a blackberrying trip the second or third weekend in September, but I see I shall need to get my skates on and make haste to my secret blackberrying spot a bit sooner.


So now the flat is also filled with small vases full of sweetpeas, nasturtiums, borage, cosmos and marigolds on every bookshelf, fireplace and table. How I love this time of year, and will miss it in the dead of winter when all I have are foraged twigs and dried alliums sprayed silver.

In a Vase on Monday is hosted by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden, and I do recommend visiting her page and seeing what she has found in the garden for a vase today, along with many other garden bloggers across the world.


25 thoughts on “Fruits of Summer

  1. Love that picture, Joanna – does it have a title and an artist? It reflects the colours of your vase perfectly – or vice versa! I had to giggle at the flower behind Mr Pig’s ear… 😀 Well done for lots of little vases – my extra ones to only be from left overs and yet I am eager to cut blooms that haven’t made it to my main vase – just don’t seem to have appropriate places to put them. Definitely the same here with blackberries – both cultivated and wild – and a bumper year for my Loch Ness variety it seems. Enjoy this late summer time both in your garden and out

    1. Good morning! We’re both up with the larks. The painting is by a Parisian artist named Caroline Yoza Cerda ( The title is written on the back of the canvas so messily that I can’t tell you what it is called. Some of my bud vases are in odd places. I like to come across small floral surprises throughout the day! The blackberries sound wonderful. I’m not sure I’ve tried a cultivated variety before, only the hedgerow type, which is definitely the type growing wild in the dark corners of our back green.

      1. Just a normal Monday getting up time, even though no early swim today 😉 It is an original artwork then? It’s lovely. Cultivated blackberries tend to be much bigger, and definitely sweeter

  2. A lovely exuberant late August arrangement. And Mr Pig is certainly in festive mood. The blackberry season is not only early this year but amazing in its abundance. Wonderful after last year’s no-show.

  3. Gorgeous vignette. The arrangement could not be more perfect. The dark container works well with the flowers and I love the berries at the rim of the vase accentuating the decorative lines.

    1. Thank you ever so much for that kind compliment. I’ve started to enjoy using berries and seedheads in my arrangements alongside flowers and am now always on the lookout for unusual things to add to a vase.

  4. As almost everyone has said, your gorgeous vase is perfect with the inviting painting. It is sad we can’t spread our flowers more through the year but it is wonderful to have such bounty. Your home must be looking so welcoming with your abundance of flowers.

    1. Thank you very much Christina. The paucity of flowers in winter does make me appreciate this wonderful period all the more, and with Edinburgh’s mild coastal climate I have flowers into November so I mustn’t grumble too much. I do like the flat to be full of flowers – it is welcoming, and such fun to arrange them and place them around. It feels quite luxuriant.

  5. Beautiful, and the flower behind the pigs ear was an inspired touch! I’d have a hard time saying whether I’d rather have a big, bold, vase of flowers or several small bud vases with a single stem or two tucked around the house, they’re both so lovely. Luckily we don’t have to chose!

    1. I think I like one big vase and then several smaller ones. The flowers I grow often have fairly short stems. If I had huge gladioli or lillies available I’d go for something more dramatic, but my sweetpeas and marigolds are better suited to smaller arrangements.

  6. What a beautiful bouquet and a stunning group of photographs. The painting is so dramatic and yet your bouquet is not upstaged and seems to lead right into the path. I was quite surprised at the change in scale when your pig entered the scene. Always fascinating what our eye thinks it sees until there is a clue as to the relative size of things. Your photos are so crisp and evocative. Thanks for a beautiful start to the day.

  7. Love the vase – and the pig with the flower positioned neatly behind his (or her?) ear. You did a wonderful job playing off the colors in the painting too.

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