Now they only block the sun


Autumn came to Edinburgh around the middle week of June, and stayed. With daytime temperatures ranging from 13 to 16 degrees, and perhaps an hour or two of sunshine per day, as well as about a litre of rainfall every hour, it’s amazing I have any flowers to show you at all. Taking photographs with this light shortage has also been challenging, as has actually getting outside and doing the jobs that need to be done without drowning. So many things I would have done in the garden … but clouds got in the way.


But here they are, my old reliables: Dahlia ‘Totally Soaking Wet’, Calendula ‘Wish I Was In India’, Salvias ‘Nae Warm’ and ‘Can I Put The Heating On’, sweetpea ‘We Don’t Care What The Weatherman Says’ and Persicaria ‘Baltic’. Also in the mix, the last of the feverfew, a blade of crocosmia, borage, carnation, echinops (always looks better in a vase than in the garden), fuchsia, and elderberries. All were extremely grateful to be brought indoors.


In a Vase On Monday is hosted by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden and I do recommend visiting her page and seeing her vase as well as following links to all the vases put together by garden bloggers across the world today.


39 thoughts on “Now they only block the sun

  1. Gosh – I hadn’t realised that Edinburgh had missed out on summer completely, Joanna – almost makes me feel guilty for having had so much sun and so little rain here…although we probably caught up with average rainfall by the end of July πŸ˜‰ Your blooms belie your unsatisfactory summer though and I had a good giggle at your alternative names – no more daft than some real names that plants are given! Love the jug too πŸ˜€

    1. Well we did have a lovely May so I can’t complain too much. But yes, everyone living south of about Newcastle should be feeling dreadfully guilty about stealing all our sunshine. I think it’s outrageous behaviour to have been enjoying yourselves so much. People I follow on Instagram have been making thoughtless remarks about having a proper summer at last, and how the weather reminded them of the famous summer of 1976 etc etc. Humph! On the other hand, I hear there is a drought in Europe. Perhaps we could sell them some Scottish rain water to help pay our heating bills.

      1. I think Scotland does already export some water, doesn’t it? πŸ˜‰ I wonder why you have had it so awful – it hasn’t been too bad on the west coast where my mum is and the Outer Hebrides have just had a glorious spell of wonderful weather. We just have to take it as it comes, really

    2. Ps. Did you spot that Salvia ‘Nae Warm’ is in fact S. ‘Neon’, which you gave me and has been doing famously? I am going to take cuttings so I can spread it around a bit (and as insurance against a frosty winter).

      1. Oh no I didn’t so have just popped back to check! Glad it is doing well for you – it is becoming a real star here and I adore the fragrance of the leaves. Cuttings root easily but the parent plant overwintered fine here and I cut back the woody stems in spring to a sprouting bud

      2. Minty? Crikey, I hadn’t thought of it as anything other than fruity so I shall have to go and do some more sniffng tomorrow!! πŸ˜‰

      3. Gosh, we are getting technical now! Rubbing the leaf gives a different smell, but the aroma as I walk past definitely reminds of blackcurrant bushes…

  2. Blooms are beautiful! We have experienced the same here where I live, but the flowers are blooming with vibrancy. The jug is wonderful!

  3. The dahlia color against the gray vase is awesome, and the echinops echoes it well. Glad you’re able to keep your sense of humor through this wayward weather.

  4. Much as I love rain and would be extremely happy to get more than the trivial pittance we usually receive, I think even I would be distressed by THAT MUCH RAIN! However, your vase looks very cheerful but perhaps the blooms are just incredibly happy for their rescue.

    1. Well, I may have been exaggerating, but it did feel like a litre an hour at one stage. I think the flowers did enjoy being rescued. And at least they were well hydrated and will hopefully last a long time in the vase.

  5. Oh, but your flowers are gorgeous! I can only wish, and dream, of such lush variety…yes, I am one of the guilty ones going through heat and drought over in the States. And now my watering system is leaking at the source…can I come over for some water?

  6. Oh, but they are all so lovely! And your names made me smile. I rather thought that Edinburgh (and Scotland) had done pretty well in the weather stakes, but obviously not. Still you have kept your sense of humour πŸ™‚

  7. Your vase is so pretty I would never guess your weather has been so awful! Love those plant names! So glad you managed to pick these to share and to brighten up your home too. πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you Cathy. Yes, it’s been dire. I was just about to type ‘Totally Tangerine’ when a wave of frustration, irony, and fed-up-ness swept across my rain-soaked brow and I started typing those other names instead.

  8. Ha I love your new named varieties. The rain here this morning has been ridiculous and I am waiting to go to work. The weather lady seems to think Scotland is due to have better weather than the SE this week. Let’s hope she’s right for you.

  9. My WordPress keeps making errors on my replies grr. Trying again
    Ha I love your new named varieties. So pretty. It’s pouring here and I am waiting to go to work. The weather lady reckons you’ll have better weather than SE this week.

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