Miracle pinks

A simple jar of pinks for this week’s In a Vase on Monday, hosted by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden.

Last year our tiny terrace was lined with these pinks, which I dug up in autumn to make way for tulips. Lack of time and lack of space (two of the world’s most universal, perennial challenges) meant that the clumps of pinks stayed on the bricks, roots and all exposed to frost, rain and wind, the entire winter long. This spring I found a space for them in the tiny bit of garden vacated by my neighbour who moved away. The miraculous pinks are still thriving today.


20 thoughts on “Miracle pinks

  1. Such a pretty colour. I have some white frilly ones, but they were badly damaged this year by the rain just when they started flowering. Such a shame as they smell lovely too and the scent always takes me back to my childhood.

  2. And what pretty pink pinks they are – SO glad they survived! Thanks for sharing them – and don’t forget to leave a link on my blog so others can find your post too 🙂

    1. Thank you Cathy – yes, I will leave a link right now. I normally post too early in the morning to get my link in and it often ends up very late – or forgotten! My apologies. Just the logistics of my working day! But thank you for seeking it out and for your kind comments nonetheless.

      1. Understnadable and not a problem – just didn’t want others to miss seeing it. I schedule mine to post at 9.00 but could schedule it earlier, although it wouldn’t necessarily help because you would still need to find time to add the link. People post on IAVOM all day and into the next day because of time differences, anyway

  3. I love pinks as any one visiting the nursery this summer will have seen! Their wonderful clove smell is delicious. They are tough too as you’ve proven, what survivors, great you have another wee corner to plant up too.

    1. Yes, I am quite pleased with my new little spot and have already filled it with cuttings and dividings. It looks very pretty already! It’s too long since I visited your nursery but I am hoping to be along in the autumn to say hello. (Best of luck with the wedding!)

  4. I cut some back on the cliff top last year, as the plant was so overgrown and woody…they’re fighting back and looking like they’ll be even better this year!

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