Final tulips


Tulips go through several stages in a vase, from pert and perfect through louche and fainting to paisleys of rich, concentrated colour in wisps of dried petal that land one by one on the table. I am not sure which my favourite stage is, but I can tell you that our previous vase of tulips discarded its coloured wisps onto the table long after the decent thing should have been done.

So, time for a fresh vase, and the last of the fresh tulips from the garden: ‘Nightclub’, ‘Queen of the Night’, and the anonymous red tulip that popped up among the white ‘Mount Tacoma’, with backing vocals by euphorbia, cerinthe and osteospermum that will probably be the soundtrack of my summer. A little dash of red campion finishes the vase off.


Meanwhile, those paisley wisps looked good in a white bowl with some paisley scarves, until I came to my senses and threw them out.

In a Vase on Monday is hosted by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden, and I do recommend looking at her page to see hers and links to other vases filled with garden flowers around the world today.




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  1. Hey Joanna (hopefully right?) wonderful vase and I love the paisley analogy. I always leave my vases around too long – hoping for what, roots?

  2. Beautiful! I wish cerinthe and Euphorbia bloomed at the same time in my garden, they’re perfect together. Gorgeous vase!

  3. The anonymous red with the Euphorbia really bring this vase to life. I also love watching tulips fade and drop their petals, often not at all elegantly but still beautiful. And I love your header with the Geranium flower! 🙂

  4. Oh that looks a real painterly vase – can’t you just see that as an oil painting or a print in a vintage book? It really does look ‘just right’ somehow. I completely agree with you on the stages of tulips and love the wispy stage as well – the Paisley reference is spot on! Thanks for sharing

  5. Gorgeous colors in this arrangement.

  6. Oh your description of the various stages of tulips made me smile Joanna. I’ve left wisps to linger before now.

  7. These are gorgeous – both the vase and the still life of petals and paisley.

  8. This is a lovely display and I find that tulips decay so elegantly – love your paisley wisps too 🙂

  9. I love the Bright Lime Green Stems!!! What are they please? I am no good at names or identifying plants!

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