May Day Flowers

Posies of flowers are traditionally gathered on May Day and given to friends. I’d be hard-pressed to part with these tulips, one of each picked from the best of those flowering in the garden. Perhaps I can pretend they’re for my husband, and suggest that he places them on a shelf in our sitting room.

IMG_2313I am so behind with my posts. I owe you views of my garden for both March and April, plus a book review that I’ve had in the pipeline for weeks. I also usually do a round-up of my tulips at about this time, and have all the photos ready for it, except the final one that is left to flower, the shocking pink and multi-headed ‘Nightclub’, a party-piece that I am waiting for with great anticipation. All shall be forthcoming.

Meanwhile, in this vase we have my old favourite ‘Menton’, which I did not plant any of this autumn but which came back most gratifyingly in several spots that I do not remember putting it in. (Thanks, squirrels). Also we have ‘Brazil’, a large and flashy bronzed beauty, ‘Bruine Wimpel’, my new favourite this year, a bronze single tulip with streaks of pinky, minky brown, ‘Paul Schoerer’, the lovely dark tulip, and ‘Belle Epoque’, which is everywhere on Instagram and is fast becoming a tulip clichรฉ. I have a whole patch of what look like ‘Ballerina’, which I am sure I never ordered but they look good among my ‘Chato’ (pictured last week but now past their best) and some unexpected red tulips that came up among the ‘Mount Tacoma’, which is the double white. Red and white should never be seen except on Red Cross flags, so I whipped them out straight away and added them to the vase.

In a Vase on Monday is hosted by Cathy at Rambling In the Garden. She also showcases tulips this week, and I do recommend visiting her page and taking a look, as well as following links to all the other garden bloggers around the world who have taken part today.


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  1. Oh, those are just wonderful. I miss having tulips. Here in Atlanta it is too hot for them and while one can plant them as annuals, I started pla tinf daffodils instead. But I still miss them. Beautiful.

  2. Wow, love the pitcher and the contents. It’s like an Old Masters painting with a bit of Tommy Hilfiger! Happy Monday.

  3. Assuming that ‘Brazil’ the ‘flashy bronze beauty’ is that multi-petalled one then she (?) really IS a flashy bronze beauty, a real hussy! But they are all gorgeous in their own right and I am glad many are returning for you. Nightclub siunds most intriguing aand I look forward to seeing its goings-on in due course ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. I am also admiring your tulips as one who cannot grow them. It is so nice to view everyone’s garden from long distance.

  5. Beautiful tulips indeed! I have to dig up all mine each year and start fresh: the weather is just too warm for them to overwinter and come up the next year. Ah well, it gives me a chance to totally change up the colors in all my gardens! I love that ‘Brazil’ next to the Menton!

  6. A gathering of May Day tulips – so many intriguing hues. I love the presentation with you in the shot. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. What a lovely collection! I do so wish I could grow tulips…Happy May Day!

  8. These are lovely. The colors work so well together, yet retain a bit of individuality.

  9. What lovely colours! Bruine Wimpel and Belle Epoque are very subtle. Not so Brazil, as you say, but maybe she will quieten down as she fades. You don’t give a name to the fine purple tulip in the middle. Attila?
    As for tulips reappearing the following year, I find that they invariably refuse to do so when in pots – all you get in year two is some skanky foliage – but in the ground they can be much more persistant. I have some black ones which have been returning for years and years, and some that I planted to cut which actually seem to increase. You are supposed to remove all the top growth quite promptly after flowering, to avoid disease, not that this helps for potted tulips. It’s also worth noting that my black ones are in a rose bed,, so they get well fed. (I have just checked the name of these (Queen of the Night) and see that they were a gift from you and your sister. They are doing very well, thank you.)

  10. Love this vase full of colourful Tulips! There is nothing quite like a big bunch of tulips in spring – It took me several years to grow enough to cut for a vase, so I have grown to appreciate them all the more!

  11. Such a lovely blend of colours you have chosen for your tulips. Mine have gone over now which is always a shame, they are such good pops of colour. Nice pitcher

  12. Oh how I LOVE your TULIPS! It is too hot for them in my neck of the woods, so I really enjoy your share!

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