Spring has sprung


The range of flowers blooming in my garden this week is thrilling: hellebores, forget-me-nots, daffodils, anemones, cyclamen, primroses, primulas and muscari are jostling for space in the front borders. So I brought some of the spring indoors, and here they are, while the useful inkpots are just the right size for the tiny blooms of spring. Other signs of spring abound in the garden: tiny hedgerow birds have built a nest in our privet hedge for the second year running, and today I was greeted by the sight of an enormous fat bee adventuring itself out of the stone wall.

In a Vase on Monday is hosted by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden, who has been blogging for five years and is celebrating with a very special vase, so do visit her page where you will also find links to all the other vases filled by garden bloggers across the world today.


14 thoughts on “Spring has sprung

  1. These are so charming. I have never thought of picking those little anemones. Is the purple primula one of Granny’s?

  2. Those inkpots are perfect for displaying those exquisite little blooms Joanna . You must be delighted to see your hedge used as a nursery again πŸ™‚ Happy spring to you.

  3. I love to see the elements laid out on the slate in the last photo, Joanna – such a good visual technique – and of course the ink pots are delightful. I have given a couple of posies of Anemone blanda to friends in the last week and they look most effective. Glad to know the birds are making thmselves at home again – we know we have many nests in the garden each year but they are mostly well hidden! Thanks for sharing – your pots are definitely full of the joys of spring! πŸ™‚

  4. Beautiful – especially the last photo where each flower is laid out. That is so effective. I also watched two huge bumbling bumble bees yesterday while they were struggling to climb into crocus flowers!

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