Snowdrops in inkpots (and warm woollen mittens)


It is a little known (alternative) fact that Maria von Trapp was a keen galanthophile and collector of small vintage objects, and that the unabridged version of ‘My Favourite Things’ included a line about Snowdrops in Inkpots. I bet you’ll be singing that in your head all day long now.

The snowdrops are on the cast iron mantelpiece underneath a print by Jo Aylward. The penguin is holding a fine country house and he has some topiary on his head. And topiary is my current absolute favourite gardening thing.

In a Vase on Monday is hosted by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden, and I recommend visiting her page to see what other garden bloggers around the world have found to put in vases today.




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  1. Now it’s not April the first, so is this really a genuine obscure fact? I do so hope you are not teasing as it is such a wonderful concept – and so appropriate for those of us who include snowdrops amongst our favourite things. Having both snowdrops and inkpots myself makes it even more of a delightful thought and I am so pleased you have shared this snippet with us as well as your delightful Monday offering πŸ˜€

  2. Very classy, minimalist look. Less is better sometimes. I should have placed my snowdrop today in a vase but I missed the call. It’s a day for internal flowers though.

  3. Snow and ink seem a very interesting combination don’t you think? A play on black and white or black and blue, if the second you could use props of boxers!

  4. Love it! Those inkpots are really interesting and I have been looking out for them at antique shops. We have snowdrops here, but another variety that grow to a Texas size of 12 inches.

  5. Whether true or not, you have indeed inserted that earworm into my head!
    Another lovely atmospheric photo…and I can even see a hint of green in that wall!

  6. I found your images here so still and beautiful – even water droplets still on the white petals – I’m singing for joy of them and this post

  7. Less is definitely more. Beautiful.

  8. Love the photo, I am also on the lookout for some inkpots! I just bought some topiary fabric I think you would love to reupholster a small sofa!

  9. I love the print and the entire vignette! But where are the warm woolen mittens?

  10. Your compositions are always flawless – most enjoyable!

  11. Understated and elegant. Love the little water droplets on the snowdrops.

  12. LOL! Are you pulling our legs?! πŸ˜‰ In any case, I will be singing that song all day and will be searching for the version by Al Jarreau who is a great favourite and who died recently. Thanks for cheering the day with both the vase and the song! πŸ™‚

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