February blues (browns)

Despite the title of this post, I don’t mind February at all. It’s a short and snappy month, the days are getting longer, there are lots of interesting jobs to get on with in the garden (tidying up, admiring snowdrops and hellebores, pruning clematis and so forth) and we always manage to get away to the Highlands for a few days—one of the highlights of my year.

But when it comes to finding something for Cathy’s In a Vase on Monday, I am all out of ideas. Actually I have been out of ideas since the New Year. I don’t want a house full of dead sticks any more. I am bored to tears of dried flower heads. And though these pruned-off Hydrangea petiolaris are delicate and pretty in their subdued, monochrome way, I am longing for some colour to bring sweetness and light to our sitting room.


Whilst I am game for living in the moment and am certainly not wishing my life to be sped up like a video tape, fast-forwarding through the boring bits until we get to the part with the lovely, joyful, colourful spring blooms, my mind can’t help but drift away to images of hazy summer days filled with cornflowers and ammi. And I know many of you are feeling the same: when I posted a picture of a single bloom of last summer’s Ammi visagna on my Instagram yesterday morning, it almost broke the internet.

So here, in lieu of spring, are some origami tulips to brighten your Monday.


In other news, Edinburgh Garden Diary was selected as one of ‘Twelve Tremendous Gardening Blogs‘ by the kind people at Waltons. Do visit their page and take a look at some of the other wonderful blogs that they featured.

19 thoughts on “February blues (browns)

  1. They may be brown but your Hydrangea petiolaris still looks really artistic – must be the way you have arranged it, of course! Glad to hear that you have been recognised by Waltons too.

  2. I am an avid follower of yours on IG…and now will follow here! I love the monthly views of your garden. Hmmm. Might have to start something like that! I do a “Friday Flowers” over on my blog, but I do anything at all about gardening: my garden, advice, visits to others etc . In any case, our spring seems to have come early and I am oh so happy. There is nothing in the world like being outside, working in the garden!

  3. Congratulations – that is an honour and I will go over and have a look right now! It must be so frustrating to have to wait that little bit longer for your garden to get going than we have to here in the south. I too am ‘over’ brown for this year and am delighted to have some fresh flowers appearing. That said your photo is gorgeous! have a lovely time in the Highlands – I have never been but they are on my wishlist.

  4. Your orgami tulips are very clever! I wish you’d included instructions on their creation as that’s probably as close to tulips as I’ll ever get. Congratulations on your selection by Walton’s too.

  5. I love it! Origami tulips. I think the ephemeral nature of flowers is part of their charm and the anticipation of waiting for that first bloom. I will go and see about Waltons, Congratulations.

  6. If you saw my vase this week you will have recognised that I feel exactly the same way! The Hydrangeas really are pretty, but there is nothing like a bit of colour in February. Your origami tulips are lovely! Congratulations on receiving the recognition you deserve from Waltons, 🙂

  7. Congratulations on your award!:)
    Aw, the tulips origami is lovely…
    Love the Hydrangeas!

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