Rooted stems

Back in the autumn I found some snowberries while on a walk, and took some stems home for a vase. I kept them in that vase of water and almost forgot about them, so imagine my delight when I noticed many weeks later that the stems had produced roots and small green shoots. (It shows how often I dust the fireplace.)


Yesterday I potted up the rooted stems: soon I will have my own snowberry bushes to plant out in the garden.

In a vase on Monday is hosted by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden. Do have a look at her page to see what she and many other garden bloggers around the world have arranged in vases today.


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  1. I liked this quirky offering to the Monday vase meme, it made me smile.

  2. It is a good way to take cuttings, I’ve tried it too with a few shrubs and will try more this year.

  3. What a lovely surprise! Looking forward to seeing how quickly they establish for you.

  4. It’s good to be taken by surprise like that – but in the case of snowberries I would take it as a further sign that they want to rule the world, so please be vigilant if you do plant your cuttings in the garden… 😐 But yes, a quirky vase as Croft Garden says and thanks for sharing πŸ˜‰

  5. The generous bounty of nature!

  6. I’ve had a similar thing happen with some of my vase contents, such a wonderful surprise!

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