My gardening year in 2016


As the tiny tips of my spring bulbs appear trepidatiously through the damp winter earth (though I have seen them only with a torch in the dark), it is time to reflect on the year gone by, and look forward to another gardening year.

Despite the worldwide horrors of 2016, the political chaos, the deepening refugee crisis, the deaths of so many greatly loved public figures, and one or two personal losses, dare I whisper it that 2016 has actually been an incredibly happy and successful year for me personally, not least in my gardening life.

My main development has been through attending courses. On a whim, I booked myself onto the Royal Botanics’ Practical Horticulture course, a year-long course that has so far greatly deepened my understanding of various aspects of gardening and helped me hone my skills in all sorts of practical horticultural methods. On the back of this, I undertook work experience the dreamy garden nursery of Rona, the Quirky Bird at Quercus Garden Plants, and in the beautiful walled garden of Pyrus, where florists Natalya and Fiona grow their incredible flowers. These heady days of digging, planting and pruning (and lots of tea and chatting!) were some of my most treasured memories of the year. I also attended four classes at a famed local florist’s, Narcissus, where I learnt to make hand-tied bouquets, vase arrangements and a Christmas wreath.

Speaking of vases, I once again partook in as many Monday Vases as possible this year, as hosted by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden. This fun and creative activity can be quite meditative, and has widened my love of growing my own flowers as well as exercised my imagination in the less bountiful months as I look around for less obvious botanical items with which to decorate the house. I had the great pleasure of finally meeting Cathy and her husband the Golfer when they visited Edinburgh recently. It was so wonderful to finally put a face to the name behind one of my favourite blogs.

Another of my favourite things to do is visit gardens that are open to the public. This year I have had the pleasure of seeing Shepherd House Garden in Inveresk, Newliston near Edinburgh, Arley Hall Gardens in Cheshire, Dawyck Botanical Gardens near Peebles, Abbotsford near Melrose, and RHS Harlow Carr in North Yorkshire. Of these, Shepherd House was by far my favourite, although the beauty of Dawyck’s trees in November will never be forgotten.

Shepherd House Garden, Inveresk
Dawyck Botanical Garden, Peebles

Naturally I developed the gardens, both front and back this year. The front garden received a new arch, new window boxes, and a major edit. It did not do as well as in 2015, sadly, and I was baffled by the failure of plants that had thrived the previous year, until my neighbour mentioned that the council had chopped the trees in the street back somewhat just before we moved in. The extra light getting through in the first year followed by regrowth of the trees and much less light the following year explained a lot. But ‘the right plant in the right place’ is always my maxim, and so I will be adding more plants for dry shade in 2017.

The back garden, meanwhile, started 2016 as a scrubby wasteland, and finished like this:

I thoroughly enjoyed building that patio, and am now an amateur expert on cement mixing and sub-bases. Further brickwork is in progress to the left of the back door, which will eventually house some mundane items such as the wood pile and garden bins, but also be surrounded by bulbs and annuals in summer.

Finally, Edinburgh Garden Diary also developed during 2016. I had much more free time this year than in previous years, and so was able to quadruple my readership and receive about 10,000 page views in total, as well as expand the number of gardening blogs I follow. New for this year were my book reviews, which were some of my most popular posts, and my Instagram page, which I started because I had too many lovely photographs to share on this blog, and which I usually update every day with beautiful pictures from both house and garden.

Suffice for me to say a huge thank you to all my readers, including especially those who take the time to comment on my posts – I love hearing from you and look forward very much to your visits and comments in 2017. No money or sponsorship of any kind comes to me from this blog; I keep it up from the pleasure of writing about gardening and taking photographs, and of meeting other likeminded gardeners and reading about your gardening exploits. So here’s to a happy, healthy and horticultural 2017 to you all!

Jo, Edinburgh, 2016



30 thoughts on “My gardening year in 2016

  1. I am so glad to have found your blog this year and love what you have done with the gardens. A shame you are so far away from me or I would be asking you round for your ‘paving’ expertise. Have a good 2017!

  2. A (belated) Happy New Year Jo. It has been a real pleasure finding your blog this year and enjoying your lovely photography and your honest account of the highs and lows of gardening! Here’s to a successful, abundant 2017.

  3. Happy New Year, here’s to another exciting year in 2017 for us all. It’s been great to have you work with us and to follow your beautiful blog. Look forward to catching up soon

  4. I nearly missed this post, Joanna, and have just been blitzing all the hundreds of emails that came to me last year and never got deleted – the end is insight and I having worked from the oldest I have reached this post which I don’t even remember noticing coming in! What a wonderful round up of 2016 and what an exciting year you have had with the courses and work experience and visits to lots of gardens. I don’t suppose our visit ranked very highly compared to some of those, but we enjoyed it – thanks for the mention 😉 Hope you are well enough soon to get stuck into an equally exciting 2017 – do you have plans for another course?

    1. Oh, I know what you mean. I always regret the posts I miss from the dozens of wonderful blogs that I follow. I can barely keep up with them all. Your visit was definitely a highlight, and I do hope that other bloggers will begin to take your lead and have the courage to make personal calls in the way that you and the Golfer like to do, as it turns what is a simple blogging hobby into something rather more. My course continues, with an exam in June, so I will concentrate on that until the summer and then have a serious think about what comes afterwards. Let’s see.

      1. Thanks for your kind words. It’s a shame to restrict oneself to keeping up with a limited number of blogs, but it would take over otherwise. I blogged daily for 2 years when I started but then made a conscious decision to reduce my posts because of the time element – once you start interacting with other bloggers its a different dimension altogether!

    1. Thank you ever so much for your kind words. I started this blog as a motivation for improving my horticultural skills, and could never have predicted how it grew alongside my love for gardening. I am so pleased you find it motivating too.

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