In the garden: December

What with low light levels, compressed daylight hours, and frantic Christmas preparations, December is usually my month off in the garden. However, I still always find time to observe and appreciate the garden, take notice of the few plants that have made a special effort to bring prettiness to a scene that is otherwise bleak, and take some photographs so that I can continue to appreciate the changes, however subtle they might be at this time of year.



What – you mean you don’t have enough jobs indoors at this time of year? Then pour yourself a mulled wine and read a book by the fire, you lucky thing!

Looking Good

The three stars of this month are: my Christmas rose, Helleborus niger, quite the prettiest and most cheerful thing and I wish I had more of them; and the smokebush Cotinus ‘Dusky Maiden’, which has turned the most incredible colours, large puce and fiery coins dangling over the side of their coppery green pot; and Hydrangea ‘Limelight’, which is leafless and bare but for several of its delicate blooms.



Every week I look anxiously for signs of bulbs pushing up, but save for some enthusiastic muscari in pots, there is no sign of anything yet.

I will leave you with my usual views (none of the back garden this month – it is in slight disarray due to the very slow terrace-building that is dragging ever on) and a couple of my pretty robin who always pops out to see what I am up to. Just photos, Mr Robin, no upturned worms for you today.




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  1. And cyclamen! You seem to have several, flowering nicely. But the smokebush is very impressive, I wonder if Mr Robin realises what good camouflage it would be for him. Is that a little skimmia behind him?

  2. Your Cotinus is indeed beautiful… as is Mr Robin! There is one job you didn’t mention: blogging in the week before Christmas! Well done 😉

  3. Your hellebore has timed its flowering well – no buds on my H niger yet although there are on one of my white H orientale! Your front garden looks really tidy and ready for a new year and that cotinus is a glorious colour. I keep meaning to get some photos of our friendly robin – hope he is not camera shy! Yours is lovely 🙂

  4. The robins are highlights of December gardens, bless them. Amelia

  5. All looking good, especially the Hellebores and robin, my first job after new year is to start tidying and uncovering the early spring gems waiting to emerge Have a lovely christmas.

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