Harlow Carr in Autumn

I am dying to share my photos of the beautiful RHS gardens at Harlow Carr in North Yorkshire. I couldn’t have asked for better weather, or a better time to see these rich autumnal colours. A slide show will do far better justice to the gardens than any amount of words, so here it is!

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14 thoughts on “Harlow Carr in Autumn

  1. What a marvellous place. Thank you for those lovely pictures. Do you know what the thing made of woven willow was for?

  2. Lovely pictures – thank you for sharing. It’s ages since I have been to Harlow Carr and I remember very little about it – just the stream, I think. The weather and the colour of the trees must have made it an even more enjoyable experience for you

    1. Thanks Cathy. I must say that the garden didn’t convey a sense of ‘place’ in the way that a private garden designed by a lone visionary does. It was more a series of areas of demonstration that were not necessarily coherent as a whole. That was perhaps why you did not leave with a concrete memory of the place. This is not to denigrate Harlow Carr in any way; I still think it admirably achieved its purpose of experimentation, demonstration and education.

      1. Yes, that’s a point – as I have been to Wisley a few times because Elder Daughter lives nearby it is more familiar even though it is essentially a series of demonstration areas too

  3. I love the header photo – some of the ones in the slide show don’t appear on my laptop. Between the gunnera and the prunus. I always used to love visiting RHS Wisley in the autumn and winter months as they always have something going on in the garden or the glasshouses.

    1. Ah, that’s a shame! I’m sorry some of the photos didn’t show up on your screen. I do try to restrict the file sizes of my photos, but I think that computers vary so much in their abilities that I would have to abandon the slide-show format altogether to avoid disappointing some readers, when I would prefer to persevere with it as I find it such a useful method of showing my photos. However, I hate the idea of people not being able to see my posts properly and will rethink whether I post slide-shows again in the future.
      I have never been to Wisley, but will certainly try to go when I am next in the area. I would be most interested to see in what ways the four RHS gardens differ from one another.

      1. I use the slide show feature too occasionally, but I do know that you have to have Java running on your device to view it. Not sure what the problem is with yours as I can see most of the images so not a Java issue. As for the RHS gardens I have only been to Wisley and Rosemoor – both quite different in style and size. Harlow Carr reminded me of Wisley from your photos.

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