Flowers by candlelight


When I was tidying the garden last week, I found a bloom of Dahlia ‘Bacardi’, and placed it with a few brightly coloured friends, the last of the sweetpeas, some marigolds, geraniums and salvias, and placed the whole bohemian caboodle on our dining table. We have no lamps in this corner of the sitting room and it can be quite dark, so we often light candles at dinner time. Then I noticed how pretty the flame-coloured flowers looked in the candlelight, their harsh edges softened, and I leapt up for my camera and tripod.


At the opposite end of the room, looking all tidy and proper, is a hand-tied bouquet I made during an evening class at Narcissus Flower School, here in Edinburgh. I have three more classes approaching and can’t wait to show you the flowers I will bring home. On the other side of the wibbly looking glass is a stem of salvia ‘Love and Wishes’ that broke off and I couldn’t bear to throw away.

In a Vase on Monday is hosted by the fabulicious Cathy at Rambling in the Garden, and I recommend visiting her page to see links to all the vases created by garden bloggers across the world today.


23 thoughts on “Flowers by candlelight

  1. Gorgeous hand-tied bouquet and your flowers look so romantic by candlelight. I think we forget about how lovely candlelight can be when it is so convenient to just throw a switch.

    1. Thanks Cathy… Narcissus is a florist’s shop in Edinburgh, and they run seasonal themed evening classes on flower arranging. Last week it was The Hand-Tied Bouquet; tomorrow’s is Very Vintage, or something like that. I’ve got three more, which will be useful (if cheaty) for IAVOM now that the garden flowers are running out!

  2. What amazing candlelit pictures Joanna! The effect is so warm and welcoming – and we are all intrigued to find out more about what you are learning at Flower School πŸ˜€ Hope you will share more

  3. So beautifully photographed Joanna! Candlelight can be so flattering, but I am sure those flowers look gorgeous in daylight too. The bouquet is also lovely – florist workshops sound like a great idea. πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you Cathy! Workshops are indeed a good idea. I am delighted to be learning some ‘proper’ techniques (as opposed to bunging). I shall be astounding you all in future vases with my expertise and skill. Or … not.

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