Fresh Dahlias on a Painted Shelf


Last year we had Fading Dahlias on an Unpainted Shelf. This year we managed to paint the shelf (miracles happen!) and so here is round two, same vase, same Café-au-Lait dahlias, different whisky bottle.

Several people on Instagram have mentioned that this year the Café-au-Laits seem to be tinged with pink. Some people’s C-a-Ls looked positively rose-coloured. Mine are not so extreme, but if you compare this vase with last year’s you might see what I mean. I should qualify that these are exactly the same tubers as last year, and I have not made any post-exposure adjustments to the colour.

In a Vase on Monday is hosted by the inimitable Cathy at Rambling in the Garden, and I recommend visiting her page to see her vase and follow links to all the other vases created by garden bloggers across the world today.


29 thoughts on “Fresh Dahlias on a Painted Shelf

  1. Haha – subtle change from last year requiring a change of title!! These dahlias are instantly recognisable (well, to those who have come across them before) and I like Sam’s analogy although it’s not the sort of balldress I would want to wear ! 😉 Interesting to read your reference to a possible change in colour – one of my Bishops’ Children dahlias was definitely pink in its first year and started out orange this year but is becoming increasingly redder as the weeks go on…very strange. Thanks for sharing

    1. I have a few other plants that vary in their colour year on year (my Lady Gardener DA rose is another of them). It does keep things interesting. I agree that C-a-L is instantly recognisable… it’s everywhere on Instagram, and very popular with just about everybody. And popular with me too, given how vigorous, reliable and robust it seems to be, as well as beautiful.

  2. Absolutely stunning! Your Cafe-au-Lait dahlias are beautiful and look perfect on your painted shelf. Interesting that you mention of a change of colour this year. Last year the first blooms on my white rose, Tranquility, were a very definite shade of pink. Later blooms were white. This year they have been as they should be too. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Ah yes, I have ‘Tranquility’ too, and yes, I am sure the first flush had a tinge of pink. A most pretty rose indeed. Still waiting for the second flush, so will take another a look if/when the buds open.

    1. Where are you based, Kris? I find that this particular dahlia is extremely vigorous and doesn’t need much pampering to produce these enormous blooms so it would be a good one to try if you have the right sort of climate.

    1. It remains my favourite dahlia of all time, and very popular across the globe, so I am sure you will have no trouble finding a supplier. Sarah Raven sells it, I am sure. Any trouble and I can send you a chunk of mine!

  3. Fabulous photos Joanna. I grew ‘Cafe Au Lait’ for the very first time this year. I’ve been rather distracted of late and didn’t notice any pink tinge but I was amazed by the sheer size of the flowers. Will have to study them more closely next year.

  4. Here is my belated note just to say: how lovely and perfect! I agree, the dahlias have been magnificent on Instagram this year 😉 I can’t grow them here in Arizona; that is, I’m informed they will grow nicely but bloom just in time for summer heat to roast the flowers… oh well! I am admiring everyone else’s and settling for some cactus zinnias…! 😉

  5. This time last year we were cutting the dahlias on a daily basis, they provided such welcome autumnal colour. But this year they failed miserably, I can only imagine it was the extremely dry conditions we have experienced all summer, even dryer than normal. I am rather envious of yours!!! Next year we shall try again!

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