In The Bath…

Oh, I find much simple pleasure/ When I’ve had a tiring day/ In the bath, in the bath…
Where the noise of gentle sponging/ Seems to blend with my top A/ In the bath, in the bath…
“To the skirl of pips vibrating/ In the boiler room below/ I sing a pot pourri/ Of all the songs I used to know/ And the water thunders in/ And gurgles down the overflow/ In the baaath, in the bath!
Then the loathing for my fellows/ Rises steaming from my brain/ In the bath, in the bath. (What a splendid looking chap I am.)
And condenses to the milk/ Of human kindness once again/ In the bath, in the bath. (And from this angle… yes, quite a catch.)
Oh, the tingling of the scrubbing brush/ The flannel’s soft caress/ To wield a lordly loofah/ Is a joy I can’t express/ How truly it is spoken one is next to godliness/ In the baaath, in the bath … What the devil!
“Can’t a fellow bathe in privacy? And must you drink my bathwater?”
Your bathwater? If you must know, I was wondering why you were taking a bath in my drinking water.”
“YOUR drinking water?” (and so on…)

[Lyrics, as you are probably aware, by Flanders and Swann.]


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  1. Smiling! Great series, Joanna.

  2. Lovely!

  3. Sparrows are a lot of fun but they are best in the bath. Amelia

  4. Really splendid pictures! I have often toyed with the idea of having a birdbath, and now I know I must.

  5. That’s delightful Joanna! Brilliantly captured in both words and pictures 🙂

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