The back garden is ready for its close-up

I wanted to share a few pictures of the back garden that I took this weekend. I am keeping the wider views under wraps because I am still working on the paving, so there are various unattractive sacks of sand, piles of bricks, a displaced woodpile, and so forth, all ruining the aesthetics. You don’t want to see those, believe me. When the paving’s finished, I’ll take a step back with a wide-angle lens and show you what the back garden looks like as a whole. But for now, here’s zooming in on the pretty bits…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ps. Yes, those are indeed chives blooming right now, in mid-august.


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  1. Those chives are probably ones you harvested earlier in the summer. Mine have got quite large and clumpy and before they seed I cut the whole lot right down. Nice fresh leaves quickly grow back, and quite often some more flowers.
    I love the greeny blue netty thing. It is a puzzle picture – what is it?

  2. All lovely, esp. the salvia and dahlias!

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