Com-pewter says no

If you are going to take photos of a vase in natural light in an East-facing room, you need to not wait until 7pm. Actually, I wasn’t going to do a vase at all today, as last week’s vases are still looking full of life after being freshened up for the Brazilian’s birthday party this weekend, but then I found this pewter tankard on a charity shop raid earlier today, and we had no flowers in the bedroom, so off I went into the garden with my scissors and came back with all sorts of lovely white flowers, and more of those cute little cornflower buttons. Anyway, there are no close-ups available as I had to dig the tripod out and use a glacial film speed. However, I’ll try and take a few more photos tomorrow morning and put them on my Instagram feed.

In a Vase on Monday is hosted by the vibrant Cathy at Rambling in the Garden.


13 thoughts on “Com-pewter says no

  1. The pewter tankard really complements the colours – understated perhaps, rather than subdued. Cool and calming too – thanks for sharing

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