Here Come The Hot Steppers


I had ‘Here comes the hot stepper’ in my head for days after the first of my ‘Totally Tangerine’ dahlias popped its psychedelic little head out into the sunshine. Suddenly the garden is full of hot-stepping, vivid colours, and so after weeks of pastel shaded flowers in the flat there was nothing for it but a vase of sweetshop brightness: roses, sweetpeas, cornflowers, marigolds, penstemon, and that first dahlia. The jug is from the wonderful Meadows Pottery.


Then I realised I needed to do something with all the white sweetpeas…


In a Vase on Monday is hosted by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden, so do take a look at her page where you will find links to many other wonderful vases of flowers today.


34 thoughts on “Here Come The Hot Steppers

    1. Actually I nearly bought one for you, then I bought two for myself instead! Whoops. I shall go back and get you one for your birthday if you like. They have many varieties and colours. I take it you don’t own too many vases already?

  1. The appearance of the first dahlia is so exciting isn’t it? And yours is one to look out for. You have used a gorgeous collection of blooms and the darker shades add a sumptuous note to the whole vase – lovely!

    1. This one is miles ahead of its sisters. Hundreds of buds still to come, all tightly closed against the Scottish ‘summer’. I was hoping to have a few more to pick for today, but they will have to wait till next week.

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