Vases in haste (and sweetpeas at last)


Organising a vase of flowers for Monday sometimes happens in a bit of a dash. I picked these last night, photographed them at 6.15am this morning, edited the photos at 9pm, and rattled off these words at 10pm.

A few things to note.

  1. My sweetpeas have come out at last. All of a sudden. In profusion.
  2. There is not much light around at 6.15am, even in an east-facing room.
  3. Tonight we sat outside for dinner in our t-shirts.
  4. And got bitten by midges.

In a vase on Monday is organised by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden, where you will find a party going on, and links to lots of other people’s vases too.





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  1. Some days are like that! Lovely ruffled sweet peas. 🙂

  2. As Eliza said, Life can be like that! Thank you for making the time to post – but I am especially glad that you have put together a vase for your own enjoyment, regardless of whether you shared it with us. I like ruffled sweet peas too and must make sure I specifically look for some ruffled varieties ps our east facing bedroom is definitely VERY light at 6.15am and WELL before that too…. 🙂

    • The sweetpea seeds came from Owls Acre as recommended by Julie at P&P in a big post she did a year or two back. They are glorious and it was an excellent recommendation. I reblogged it and the exact type is somewhere in that post. We have a fair few tall buildings blocking the light around us, and it was a particularly grey morning yesterday. This morning the sun poured in and it would have been a more suitable morning to take the photos, but, alas, the small issue of it’s being a Tuesday! I adore a light early morning. It definitely aids getting up for work…

      • Glad you have some brighter days too! Thanks for the info on your sweet peas – my early ones were from Owls Acre after Julie’s recommendation too and I think I will look at the rest of their range too

  3. True dedication. Dinner looks great as do the vases.

  4. Lovely sweet peas. Mine have just come out too. I tried to be artistic this year and grew dark blue and white up a wigwam thing, but so far only white have appeared with one pale blue! The spares I put against a wall are of course dark blue!!!

  5. Nothing beats that first vase of sweet peas Joanna . I picked my first substantial bunch yesterday. Your salad looks most delicious. Shame about the biting creatures.

  6. I love seeing the sweet peas. (My own are long gone as they’re a spring plant here.) The second vase makes a lovely supper companion. It’s too bad about the midges, though.

  7. Beautiful sweet peas and I like your use of rocket flowers as a filler.

  8. Lovely, I envy you for those stunning sweet peas, how do you manage to grow such beauties?

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