Vases in haste (and sweetpeas at last)


Organising a vase of flowers for Monday sometimes happens in a bit of a dash. I picked these last night, photographed them at 6.15am this morning, edited the photos at 9pm, and rattled off these words at 10pm.

A few things:

  1. My sweetpeas have come out at last. All of a sudden. In profusion.
  2. There is not much light around at 6.15am, even in an east-facing room.
  3. Tonight we sat outside for dinner in our t-shirts.
  4. And got bitten by midges.

In a vase on Monday is organised by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden, where you will find a party going on, and links to lots of other people’s vases too.




16 thoughts on “Vases in haste (and sweetpeas at last)

  1. As Eliza said, Life can be like that! Thank you for making the time to post – but I am especially glad that you have put together a vase for your own enjoyment, regardless of whether you shared it with us. I like ruffled sweet peas too and must make sure I specifically look for some ruffled varieties ps our east facing bedroom is definitely VERY light at 6.15am and WELL before that too…. 🙂

    1. The sweetpea seeds came from Owls Acre as recommended by Julie at P&P in a big post she did a year or two back. They are glorious and it was an excellent recommendation. I reblogged it and the exact type is somewhere in that post. We have a fair few tall buildings blocking the light around us, and it was a particularly grey morning yesterday. This morning the sun poured in and it would have been a more suitable morning to take the photos, but, alas, the small issue of it’s being a Tuesday! I adore a light early morning. It definitely aids getting up for work…

      1. Glad you have some brighter days too! Thanks for the info on your sweet peas – my early ones were from Owls Acre after Julie’s recommendation too and I think I will look at the rest of their range too

  2. Lovely sweet peas. Mine have just come out too. I tried to be artistic this year and grew dark blue and white up a wigwam thing, but so far only white have appeared with one pale blue! The spares I put against a wall are of course dark blue!!!

  3. Nothing beats that first vase of sweet peas Joanna . I picked my first substantial bunch yesterday. Your salad looks most delicious. Shame about the biting creatures.

    1. Those biting creatures want me for their dinner, but I am made of stern stuff and it doesn’t put me off sitting outside. I adore sweetpeas and I’m pleased I went to the trouble of growing them again this year. That first bunch is magical, as you say.

  4. I love seeing the sweet peas. (My own are long gone as they’re a spring plant here.) The second vase makes a lovely supper companion. It’s too bad about the midges, though.

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