Shepherd House, Inveresk

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Rendered speechless by the perfection of Shepherd House Garden in Inveresk, East Lothian, I have instead created the above slideshow tell you everything you need to know.

Over and out.

Post script. I have just come back to my senses enough to realise that my dear readers may wish to see a link to the Shepherd House websitehere it is. I have half a mind to go back to SHG again next week and do a proper write-up.

14 thoughts on “Shepherd House, Inveresk

      1. I love that. They’ve made things ‘complicated’ around here, as sadly, not everyone’s honest.
        The old time, back road farm stands still have self-serve (make your own change) tins, but the ones along main routes have locked boxes (with no ability to make change) due to theft. Probably mostly by teens.

  1. 1. Gosh. Yes. Wow.
    2. Black tulips, bluebells and something white. Gosh. Wow.
    3. Super photography.
    4. I want a rill.

  2. How fabulous Joanna. I’ve read about this garden in various magazines but have never visited. Oh for such a potting shed let alone the rest of the garden.

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