End of Month View: January 2016

Well, I don’t know about you, but I can’t see much difference between January and December in my front garden.

This was December 2015:


And this is January 2016:


The only discernible difference is the three new sacks of horse manure, courtesy of the ever-obliging Emily. And, if you look with a microscope, you can see my three purple Iris ‘George’s blooming away in the centre of the nearest bed.


It could almost be the same photo. I am wondering if I might not bother to take one at the end of February, and just reuse this one again! You must excuse the blurriness of the photos: they were taking at about 8am, not quite sunrise, this morning as I dashed on my way to a class. I needed the ISO on my camera right up at 3200 and still only acheived a maximum shutter speed of 1/30s, hence the rather vague outlines.

If you missed those irises, as I imagine most of you did, here they are up close:


And an eager I. reticulata ‘Clairette’, whose bedmates are not such early risers:


Not much else in bloom at the moment in this garden, although one of my helebores is showing a lot of buds and I shall try to capture it at its best in a couple of weeks’ time.

The photos above were the first I took on my new camera (a secondhand Canon 50D, if you are interested). Until now, all the photos on this blog were taken with my old 40D, which finally died a sad, tremulous death three weeks ago after many years of faithful service. This is the last photo I took with that old 40D, a suitably gloomy and wintery scene of raindrops on withering crocosmia foliage.

RIP Canon 40D, you will be sadly missed.


End of Month View is hosted by Helen at The Patient Gardener. Do visit her page and see hers and many other EOMVs for January.

9 thoughts on “End of Month View: January 2016

  1. Sorry to hear about your old camera; you were lucky to find a good secondhand one.
    Your daybreak pictures are impressive, my ISO only goes up to 1600 (I’ve never tried using it). The 3200 ISO pictures are maybe a trifle flat, but they look like broad daylight. Is the blue iris also taken on 3200? That really sparkles.

  2. Not a lot of difference I agree, but it will all be getting ready to burst forth! Love your iris, George – such a beautiful colour. I am waiting on Pauline, hoping will be nice too. I have Clairette for the first time, too and managed to get them to open by bringing the pot inside, otherwise I don’t think I would have any in flower yet. I think the web is very forgiving as far as photo quality goes. I never would have guessed you had such a high ISO. We will all be scrutinising your February photo now to spot any differences!!

    1. Mine seem to be opening one by one. What I wanted was two pots alive with irises, but they are taking it in turns! Perhaps bringing them indoors would be a good idea, because the old ones are dying off before the new ones have properly come out.

  3. such pretty irises and I love the interesting Edinburgh architecture that is a backdrop to your garden. How lucky you are – i love city gardens.

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