Impulsive behaviour: cotoneaster in an IKEA jug

IMG_0020It is a truth universally acknowledged that it is impossible enter an IKEA store without making an unscheduled purchase. This white enamel jug is a case in point. Now, I have always considered myself hip to the tricks of IKEA, and totally immune to their wily efforts to entice me to buy things I don’t need. However, last week I had to nip our local IKEA to replace a broken door hook. Things went to plan at first, and I successfully crossed the vast store without turning my head in either direction lest I be lured from my path by some entrancing vision, rather like Frodo and Sam crossing the Dead Marshes where ghoulish water-dwellers would drag to their deaths anyone who looked at them. But alas, as I made my way to Aisle 29 Location 16 for my door hook (16 of them in stock), I accidentally laid eyes this white jug and all was lost. Helpless, I allowed it to come with me to the till and before I knew it I’d paid for it and suddenly it was there on the car seat beside me and so I took it home and hid it in a cupboard, ashamed.

IMG_0016This week is the second anniversary of In a Vase on Monday, which is hosted by the inimitable Cathy at Rambling in the Garden. It is interesting, and perhaps not a coincidence, that it was in November that she started this challenge to fill a vase with something from the garden every week. All but the most stubborn plants have gone over by now, meaning that I for one had to search very hard for something to put in a vase. Actually, that’s not quite truthful: I didn’t search very hard at all, because I could see perfectly well that not a single vase-worthy specimen was going to be found anywhere except from the monster of a cotoneaster outside our back door, which is the only thing I have with the slightest hint of autumn interest at the moment. Anyway, a big armful of berry-laden evergreen branches is a cheerful thing to have in the house at this time of year, and this simple white jug makes itself useful by showing the red berries off to their best advantage. So I’m not quite so sorry about my impulse buy anymore.

IMG_0011 IMG_0015

9 thoughts on “Impulsive behaviour: cotoneaster in an IKEA jug

  1. Don’t be ashamed – it is a lovely jug and will be an investment! If only there was an Ikea store in my location (or perhaps better on my purse that there isn’t!). A bright and cheery autumnal spray.

  2. It’s the perfect jug for your Cotoneaster and makes a pretty picture! In fact I also had a very similar creamy white jug from Ikea which sadly got broken. Maybe should go to Ikea soon, just to get that jug, right?……. 😉

  3. Looks great – that will be a very useful jug/vase. We are finally getting an Ikea in Aberdeen – it was going to be in time for Christmas, but like most things it has been put back. Must remember to go when I am down visiting my daughter – oh no I am going on the train!

  4. I seem to have missed commenting on this vase, Joanna, and of your very restrained visit to IKEA – apologies for not replying last week. I think I bought one of these IKEA vases last time I went which was about 18months ago but I know it will be the most perfect vase to use sometime or other, like with this cotoneaster – which of course looks spot on! Thanks for sharing – and unless you are going to IKEA every day of course you need to buy useful extras like this jug on the odd occasions when you do go!

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