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  1. Love your photos, brightened up this miserable rainy day!
    Just wanted to ask if you have ever grown honeysuckle? Do you have any advice on planting, choosing the right one, how to care for it.
    Would be much appreciated.

    • Hello Angela, many thanks for stopping by and for leaving such a nice comment. I have grown a honeysuckle and am about to plant out two more. I believe that if left to their own devices and given something to clamber up, they will be perfectly happy without too much intervention, although a decent mulch of organic matter will always be appreciated. The RHS website has some sage advice about if and when to prune. That said, we had a huge honeysuckle at our last place that never got any horticultural attention, and it was massive and reliably flowered like no tomorrow. Hope this helps!

      • Hi Joanna, thanks for your speedy reply! I will have a look on the RHS website. I just have happy memories of being at my Granny’s in Broxburn of sitting in her garden with the fragrance of Honeysuckle and the bees buzzing all over it! I just want to try and capture the memories I have of those happy peaceful days. Thank you again!

  2. Jo, forgive me butting in, but as Angela is keen to have honeysuckle scent in her garden I’d like to warn her that not all are scented. I recently bought one, called Lonicera heckrotii Goldflame, which was described on the label as “smothered in scented flowers from June till the end of September which are sweetly scented, this plant really delivers.” Well, yes. Beautiful flowers. Zero scent. I should have checked the variety on the RHS site too.
    Love your Café au Lait, superb photo.

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