Tree following: September 2015

Let’s have a look at my apple tree. Or sapling, if you will. In fact, I am not entirely sure if it has qualified for sapling status yet. Let’s call it a large twig with leaves on it.

IMG_0015I found this ‘tree’ inside an apple in May, a sprouting apple pip in the heart of a Gala apple. Even though I haven’t been able to post about my tree for a while, I did manage to take a photograph in July, when it looked like this:IMG_0254And considering it looked like this in June…IMG_0116… you’ll agree that it has been a very busy tree.

Now, all is not 100% healthy with my tree. Apart from the fact that something has been nibbling my tree, ome of the leaves have a dusty sort of mould on them. I am not sure what this is. Powdery mildew?

IMG_0019Or is it just dust from our tiler who was cutting tiles for our kitchen nearby in the garden? It is suprisingly hard to tell. If it is the latter, I should wash the leaves. If it is powdery mildew, I should avoid getting the leaves wet.

IMG_0022Will the mildew (if that’s what it is) disappear for good when the leaves drop in a couple of months’ time?

I have repotted it and mixed in plenty of good quality horse manure from the obliging Emily, and staked it loosely with a thin stake.

The obliging Emily

However, despite the poor look of the lower leaves, good healthy green growth continues to develop at the top.

I will be back next month with October’s Tree Following, which is kindly hosted by Lucy at Loose and Leafy.

Edit: sadly my tree died shortly after this.


3 thoughts on “Tree following: September 2015

  1. I think there are many organic treatments for powdery mildew. One I am familiar with is using milk – you’d need to look up a dilution rate. It would be worthwhile picking up the leaves as they fall and disposing of them in your council bin rather than a compost heap if you have one Joanna.
    What a huge amount of growth it has put on in such a short time – is looks like it’s on steroids 🙂

  2. Seedling is the word your are looking for. As well as the mildew (it that is what it is) your poor little tree also has brown blotches on its leaves. RHS advice, and a good picture, on powdery mildew is here : If you search the RHS advice you’ll probably be able to sort out the blotches too. I daresay it has been stressed. Follow Angie’s advice about disposing of the infected leaves, and your own about feeding it up. Only time will tell whether you have bred a particularly disease-prone variety. It will be exciting to see what the apples are like.

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