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  1. Funny you should say that! I’ve noticed one of mine has too. I’ve never noticed that before. Weird? Not sure! Must investigate!

  2. It’s not odd at all.
    Last summer we had a run of about 6 weeks of cooler, wetter weather than normal (often nights were as low as 6C and days of about 12-14C) and then as autumn hit, we returned to more normal, sunny temperatures…if the summer days are cool and cloudy enough for more than a few weeks it can give plants a sense of winter dormancy….so during my Summer I had Hellebores next to trees in spectacular autumn colour and viburnums wearing a second spring floral coat.
    It was lovely, but very mixed up!
    You may want to give your primulas a feed in March (one that is low in nitrogen – I would just use a banana peel, but chemical fertilisers are fine as well) so it can rebound in spring.

  3. I have noticed the same thing. Also a few hellebores are in bloom. I wish they would hang on a bit, I don’ t want to look at them in September.

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