Tree following: June 2015

I bit into an apple and found… the unexpected flavour of bean sprouts, a tangle of winding radicles, flat green cotyledons easing their way out of the apple seed coat, three or four tiny apple plants too interested in becoming trees to wait until release.

IMG_0024I separated them out. Some broke. Others I wrapped in a wet paper napkin. I took them home and planted them. First there were two, then one died and one survived.

IMG_0117Two true leaves, serated and almond shaped appeared. They were followed by a third, and the almost microscopic suggestion of a fourth.

I will follow this tiny apple plant each month and link in with Loose and Leafy’s Tree Following. Let’s see how it grows. How soon will it be a sapling? A tree? A tree with apples on it? IMG_0116

12 thoughts on “Tree following: June 2015

  1. Your sister found an embryonic tomato plant inside a tomato once, and grew it on successfully. I don’t remember whether she got any tomatoes. An apple tree is in a different league though. Good luck!

  2. This wee seedling has obviously got good genes it’s already proven how much of a fighter it is. Looking forward to seeing how it goes over the coming month Joanna.

  3. Now, this is interesting! Good luck with your little apple seedling, you will be on a long journey before it will bear fruit. Keep us updated!

  4. What a delightful post! Sorry not to have visited earlier but I’ve been away a lot recently. Have been reading what you say about your gardens. To have a viable back-green in Edinburgh (instead of a barren waste) is something special.
    I’ve added you, your blog and your apple to the Tree Following Page on Loose and Leafy. Perhaps you might check it’s all there correctly.

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