Lisbon Garden Diary

The Brazilian and I spent an idyllic week staying in a cottage near Lisbon. The cottage garden was a peaceful place of old fruit trees and vivid late spring flowers, which I took great pleasure in photographing.








IMG_0118   IMG_0123









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  1. Lisbon, of course, I’d forgotten you were going and thought you were being rather quiet. If the cottage was as good as its garden it must have been lovely. I hope you got to ride on the trams.
    Half the plants I’ve no idea of. The lichen, of course, and the rosemary and lavender and the lemons (how odd to see a less-than-perfect lemon!) but what is that lovely crimson flower with the spiky leaves? It’s beautiful. And the pretty blue starry flower. Gorgeous bird house, pretty bell.
    Bet you found your own garden has come on apace in the last week.

    • It really was lovely. I wasn’t allowed to ride on the ancient old yellow tram but we did take the modern tram out to Belem, and of course the modern tram to and from Edinburgh Airport. Well done for knowing that it was a lemon and not orange. The B told me as much but I did take some convincing. Yes, my own garden has come on somewhat… more soon!

  2. Lovely photo gallery. I think the blue starry flower might be an osteospermum, but no idea about the red spiky one – or the one that looks like a collection of sea anemones.

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