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  1. Lovely. Off centre and bokeh background. That weekly photo challenge has us all at it.

  2. Another fine picture; you must have a really good lens on that camera to get such sharp close-ups.
    Did you know that in ancient times right up to the seventeenth century hellebore root was considered a cure for madness? Fortunately by the early nineteenth century medical knowledge had caught up with the complex toxicity of the root, especially when fresh, but they still had some uses for it including – inevitably – as a cure for gout and very oddly as a remedy for a strange local epidemic of night blindness for which it had to be powdered and taken as snuff.

    • That’s interesting. Brazilian Senhor was very interested in the hellebores in the Botanics because they are used in homeopathic remedies, for behavioural disorders in children if I recall correctly.
      It IS a good lens, a 50mm f1.4 prime if you’d like to know. My favourite for this type of photography. Lots of horrible noise in the picture though because I had to use a high ISO. You may struggle to see it if you’re used to film and not sure what to look for, and I’ve corrected it a fair bit in the computer, but I can still see it in this picture from miles away.

  3. A really great photo! I love the contrast of the dark background. I also have a 50mm 1.4 which I love for flowers and portraits.

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