Edging, Rubble and Hedging Trouble: Resolve and Realise February 2015

Thank you to Jen at Duver Diary for starting 'Resolve and Realise', in which we share our gardening to-do lists for the month ahead. I do hope you'll take part too. I have to admit that while I enjoy reading gardening memes on other people's blogs, so far I've had to be realistic about joining…

Flower Focus – How To Grow Sweet Peas

An inspirational and educational post from Julie at Peonies and Posies on exactly how to produce the perfect sweetpeas, a plant I thought I might try for the first time this year. I’ll be following Julie’s tips closely and will report on my results.

Peonies & Posies

As promised this is the first in my new series of Flower Focus posts, where I am planning to share my growing experiences along with lots of photographs of the flowers in focus.


Today I am taking a look at sweet peas. Although it is a long time until we will see the first blooms, January is a good month to order seed and start to sow sweet peas in a cold greenhouse or on a windowsill in a cool room.


Sweet peas are a flower that take me right back to my childhood. My father always grew the very best sweet peas – long stemmed and sweetly scented. He was rigorous about cutting the flowers regularly, so our house was full of posies in the summer and his plants always seemed to continue producing for far longer than mine ever do.


Sweet peas are an early summer staple in…

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Where were you/when you oughta been plantin’?

I have a confession. You will not be impressed, my fine fellow gardeners. I have a guilty secret hidden away in some brown paper bags in our hall cupboard, and I hardly dare look or think about those brown paper bags. For inside those bags are waiting.... Oh, how can I tell you this? Inside…