… and a red-breasted robin

Many months ago, I made a bird-feeder out of a small china jug and a hairpin.


By fluke I saw a bird feeding from it the following morning, but it was a good few weeks if not months before birds became a common sight. The visitors were shy, wary of the six or seven native cats of the backgreen. Then, when I did spot them feeding, the camera was never to hand.

Nonetheless, feed they did, all summer, rarely on view. The seeds surreptitiously disappeared; again and again I topped them up.

Finally, yesterday evening, I caught sight of this fellow:



He was too fast to get a shot of him taking the seeds. I managed one photo: a brown blur half obscuring the jug, and not worth showing.

Nb. beady-eyed readers may spot that the jug is the other way up. Now the rain can’t get in.


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  1. What a lovely fellow! It is all trial and error. What an ingenious idea! Not only does it do the job, it’s also pretty to look at.

  2. I love the close-up on the home page. You can clearly see his (or her?) four distinct colours – brown, white, carrot and a lovely creamy beige. Very chic.

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