Bees and Snapdragons

One of the coolest, cutest and most child-friendly plants has to be the snapdragon (Antirrhinum), so called because when you squeeze the sides of the flower, it opens and closes like a dragon’s mouth. I planted four or five bright pink snapdragons around the garden and they have bloomed brightly for well over a month now. Their complicated arrangement of petals makes them fun for the bees to figure out…

Hungry bee zooms towards snapdragon
… and lands.
Now he has to open the flower.
He’s done this before…
Reversing out…
And off to the next one!

2 thoughts on “Bees and Snapdragons

  1. She, not he. He is a drone who has only one function in life. She is a worker bee and she does all the work – collecting pollen, building the cells for the queen to lay eggs in, nurturing the infant bees and queen, making honey. Indeed it was of her that Virgil made his labor improbus remark which I quoted you recently in some other context.
    Nice pix, anyway.

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