Tardy, but what the heck: June blooms

We not-so-recently returned from a two-week holiday abroad to find that the weather had practically been as tropical here as it had been in the, well, tropics. All sorts of interesting and bountiful occurrences awaited us on our return, including blue and white irises three feet tall like sentinels, huge flouncing peonies, a lavender flinging out Medusa-like fronds, bright pink and orange flowers cast sluttishly to the ground by the rhodadendrons and azalea, enormous crepe-y summer clematis flowers, the tomato vine doubled in height, and a general feeling of wildness and horticultural unconstraint.

I wouldn’t have bothered to talk about them so embarrassingly late (it’s July… where did the time go?) except I had some especially nice pictures of our bright pink peonies (now mere clots) that I wanted to share.

I promise to post something rather more contemporary as soon as this self-indulgence has passed.


Sadly we’d missed the best of the brief  white lilac flowers, so fluffy and pure, not shown quite to their advantage in this picture since the inevitable brown had already set in.


These irises burst out overnight, according to my sister.


Medusa lavender
Flowers cast sluttishly to the ground
…and again
…and again




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