GQT: Roots, Shoots and Fruit- Raspberry Troubles

We have raspberry canes in our communal back green. They were planted by a neighbour who then sold up and left, leaving the rest of us to enjoy, literally, the fruits of her labour. Therefore I was so interested to read Nigel Boldero’s instructions on getting the best out of raspberry canes year on year. I’d been under the impression that you could just leave them to do their own thing, and I stand happily corrected.

Old School Garden

raspberriesSummer fruiting raspberries are just about coming to the end here at Old School Garden, but Lee Mason of Whetstone has had a disappointing harvest:

‘I planted some ‘Malling Promise’ raspberry canes back in February. They’ve grown pretty well, but the harvest has been disappointing and the new growth looks to be weak. Would a fertiliser feed help?’

Malling Promise canes (and any other summer fruiting raspberries for that matter), planted in February would have benefitted from cutting down in their first season to 100 mm (4 inches) high canes back in March to encourage strong new root development, as well as new canes for fruiting in the following season. In short, Lee, you’ve ‘got a bit ahead of yourself’!  I suggest that you cut down all growth next March. You will lose a season’s cropping, but the sacrifice will be worth it in the long run. Giving the…

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Tyninghame Gardens: a summer trip

My sister, it mysteriously turns out, is involved with the Garden History Society. Who knew? Not me. I didn't even know she liked gardens. Anyway, she does, and not only did she take me to Tyninghame Gardens, in East Lothian, last weekend, but she was recognised and greeted by all the be-jewelled and venerable garden-y…