5 thoughts on “What gardening is all about

  1. I do not do garden philosophy. Surely one needs a minimum of forty acres for philosophy. Anything less is just God Wottery. Furthermore it is hard to be philosophical about an almost total wipe-out of my bean row. Disaster! what do I do? re-sow (if I can still buy seeds)? search the market for bean plants?
    But yes, it’s nice to have somewhere to sit out on a warm evening. What’s more after dark the weeds don’t show so much and the dismal bean row is out of sight. And if you have night-scented stock, you have nothing more to wish for.

  2. Thank you. Runner beans. Runner beans do not keep well, still less do they travel well. Bought runner beans, even frozen runner beans, are just not the real thing, so I grow them.
    I have tried growing broad beans, which I believe are a native plant (runners are from America); they are dead easy to grow and are responsible for the lovely Mr Kipling country slices smell you get near a bean field in early summer. But they are awkward to harvest and shell and do not produce much return for the effort. They probably need to be grown on quite a large scale; French beans are nice and come in all sorts of interesting varieties, but half the household does not like them.
    Runner beans are the raison d’etre for my vegetable garden. They are the one thing that is simply not as good bought. The cabbages, lettuces, leeks, courgettes, radishes etc are just as good if not better from Waitrose or the market but you cannot buy a runner bean worth eating. My beans are scarlet runners, ie with the red flowers and pink seeds. The white flowered sort are not so tasty. Also the stringless sort are also unsatisfactory (they are not really stringless).

  3. I should have seen that coming. Serves me right for doing a Stanhope in that last post. Raisin d’etre indeed. A new game, perhaps – grape or bean?

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